About Me

On December 2, 2021 my life changed forever.  My whole understanding of reality shifted and in a few incredibly powerful moments I experienced what I believe to be the ultimate truth.

The veil had been lifted and a new journey unfolded for me that day.  As a wife and mother of two teenage boys, this was not an ordinary day for me.  However, in retrospect I can now see that all of the personal development and deep soul exploration I’d been doing over the years had synchronistically guided me to that moment, ripening me for the event to come. 

And then I remembered…..

The Gift

Deep into a holotropic breathwork session, the sun felt wonderfully warm on my face.  My body was empty and there was a tranquil feeling of inner bliss.  In those moments, he put his hand on my third eye and immediately the energetic exchange began.  There was a strong electrical current between us. So much so that I became him and he was me and there was no separation.  I felt an incredible buzzing throughout my whole body.  This was it.  This was my true nature in its purest form and I knew it on a cellular level.  The purest form of love, this was home.  It felt so incredible that I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to stay there in my eternal home.  It felt so familiar and safe.   I felt myself float out of my body and trust me, I wanted to keep going up.  There was sadness and joy all at once and I knew it wasn’t time for me to go home but the feeling there was beyond words.  It took everything in me to leave that place. As I came back to my body, knowing I still had a lot of work to do,  I clearly heard the words “I will be with you forever.”  And then it ended.

The next day I asked, “What was that?”  And he said, “Oneness.” 

And so it is.  

Now, I see every body as a soul.  I see every body as love.   A human. A bird.  A rock.  An enemy. A friend.  We are all one.  

We are all here to learn for the expansion of the collective.  Those on the hardest journey are the bravest warriors.  Those willing to get the most emotionally uncomfortable will begin to feel the most aligned and live to their highest potential.  

We don’t have to do this alone nor will we be successful if we try.  We are a communal species and our separateness is an illusion. 

This is my story that has led me to this moment. This breath.  Now I understand this is all that really matters and exists.  

Unity. Love. Trust in the laws of the Universe.